January 2019 Independence Fund Update


It’s been another great month and it feels good to be back in action and pumping out articles again. I went on a little hyadous for the past few months, for the few that actually read, and stay up to date on my articles I apologize. I’m also beating myself up about it as well because keeping track of my account and this website is very important to me because I feel that I have achieved so much success by keeping track of my account and setting goals.

I have done my self a huge disservice due to the fact that I didn’t keep track of my monthly expenses over the past 3 months, I didn’t track my account happenings over the past few months and I also failed to write an article for December which was a huge month for me in terms of dividend growth. I attribute a lot of the Independence account success I have achieved over the past few months because of the goal setting and account tracking I have done. This keeps me on track to meet my goals and also allows me measure success.

I have set my goals high once again and I plan to hopefully knock it out of the park. I also did some inspirational hypothetical account growth charting and to my surprise I found out that if I keep up my current account growth rate I’ll hit a portfolio balance of $1,000,000 by the time I turn 39. This is welcoming news and I’m very excited to continue on this journey.

It has been a wild ride in the market over the past few months and I experienced a nice little boost in overall amount growth over the past couple weeks. I’m sure everyone is on the same boat and It sure feels good to see a nice healthy bounce back. I also experienced a nice spike in terms of portfolio growth due to the dip the market took recently. I achieved an increase of 9.4% or $16,666 which is an absolutely amazing increase

I have also begun the all important task of getting back on track and keeping tabs on my expenses. I made a huge mistake by letting this slip my monthly routine because I knew my expenses were going to be high and for some reason, I didn’t want to face it. I understand this was a huge mistake and I’m owning up to it and refocusing my efforts.

Monthly Expense = $3,210

Overall I had an amazing month and it feels great to get everything back on track and get this snowball rolling. I can’t wait to continue this amazing journey to track down and hold myself accountable for success. I thank everyone who has continued to visit my page and follow me along this journey . I’m going to be getting some buy articles up soon whenever I get the extra capital to do so stay tuned!