February 2019 Independence Fund


It’s been another great month over here in Michigan. The weather is warming up, the portfolio is taking a breather and the dividends are flowing in. The market has been a complete roller coaster over the past few months as they try to find a direction. As my portfolio grows I definitely find myself checking in on my companies more and more. Especially given earnings season, I’ve been glued to my phone over the past few weeks as I scour through earnings reports. I know that all my investments will do their thing but it’s nice to be updated and stay on top of the information stream.

Let’s move on to the meat and potatoes of this article. The dividends and the growth baby! The independence Fund definitely tracked the flow of the market and took a bit of a dip

  1. ABBV 71.59

  2. EPR 19.22

  3. STAG 23.22

  4. O 21.08

  5. MAIN 26.53

  6. PG 26.54

  7. OHI 47.94

  8. APLE 13.80

  9. SKT 50.75

  10. GIS 25.97

  11. T 120.87

  12. EPD 24.36

  13. TXN 20.79

  14. BTI 33.88

  15. MMP 32.92

  16. WRK 27.76

  17. SBRA 31.05

  18. LTC 4.56

  19. IVZ 34.20

It was a fantastic month with 19 companies paying me $682.24. Nothing is more exciting then getting paid to do what ever I want with my time. I also had another amazing month in terms of account growth. The account grew by 1.27% or $2,464. That’s a really good number considering I didn’t put a single penny into the fund the whole month.

If anyone has been reading my posts over the past few years, I’m sure some readers would be able to relate to the fact that I have grappled with the idea of paying of my mortgage for awhile now. It has always been something I’ve gone back and forth between and I’ve ran the numbers numerous times. Investment calculators have always pointed towards the best thing being investing while having a mortgage payment. I did something crazy and I decided to go with the emotional side of things and paying of the mortgage. You can read more on this subject here. I won’t hash the subject out to much more but, It was a huge decision for me to make and it is definitely going to affect my monthly finances. It’s going to be a fun experiment to see which investment method would have been the best in the long run but either way I’m still super happy with the decision I have made.

My portfolio balance is definitely going to be taking a change for next months portfolio update but I’m super excited to see the amount of money I’m going to be able to save per month now tat I don’t have a mortgage payment. It’s going to be nice to see the decrease in my monthly expenses. I’ going to be tracking my monthly expense on a more consistent basis and posting it on my portfolio page so that I’ll have a nice clear and defined time line of how my expense change down the rad and how they correlate with each other.

Thanks for checking out my latest article and I’m excited to see the change in my updates.