Goals for 2019


The year is off to a crazy start and it is absolutely incredible to see everything once back from the recent pullback in December. It just goes to show the resilience of all the investments I have made and to prove to everyone that if you hold on long and strong that ultimately the market has an upward trajectory.

I have been super bad about keeping my website updated and I do have some good excuses. Between a job change, a kitchen remodel, wedding, baby on the way and other random home projects I haven’t really had much time for anything else. Life is all about checks and balances and the website was just something that I wasn’t able to juggle. I have really been beating myself up about it however because I used to do such a good job monitoring everything that I did on the website and recently I haven’t even been posting a monthly Fund update article which is any favorite thing to do.

I will soon be having a lot of extra time on my hands and I’m going to be committing some to being a little more diligent about keeping my website up to date. (Pun Intended) I want to do some updates and refreshes around my portfolio page and figure out good way to display my holdings. I haven’t really found anything good out yet but I’m looking for something currently. Any suggestions would be appreciated

I’m also going to be setting some very lofty goals for the Independence Fund in 2019 and I can’t wait to start breaking down some more milestones. I’m going to be setting my end of year annual dividend income goal to $14,000 and my total portfolio value goal to $250,000. These are two very lofty goals in my eyes and I’m already off to a good start. I’m setting this two goals with the expectations that I won’t hit them however. My income has drastically changed with the baby on the way, not having room renters any longer and the wife no longer working, I will be lucky to save $1,000 per month which before was a breeze for me. Shoot, I would have months that I would easily put away $2,000. Basically, my life has changed so much and it is harder for me to estimate what would be easy and what would be difficult.

I really want to challenge myself however and I know how important it is to set goals so that is exactly what I’m doing still. One of the most important things one can do to achieve goals is to write them down! From where my account currently stands, the goal I set for myself is $56,000 more. That seems like a pretty sizable goal to me! I’m expecting all these dividend increases, dividend reinvestment and portfolio growth to really start snowballing.

I would also like to continue to build up my portfolio size even though I’m rocking a pretty sizable portfolio of 65 companies. I have really diversified my portfolio and I would also like to continue to build up my smaller positions into a bit bigger of a presence in my portfolio The ultimate goal is to still invest into solid dividend growth companies. I would really love the increased flow of dividends generated from having a larger portfolio as well as more risk aversion. Not to mention, I have so many companies in my watch list that are solid dividend payers that I want to add to my portfolio.

I also feel that my current annual dividend income goal is a bit of a stretch. If all goals according to plan and I do get to grow my account by my goal, I will still be short of my annual dividend income goal. I’m going to have to pull out some tricks t hit it but I’m committed and I know tat I will be able to make it happen. Dividend increases when all are said and done should add a nice little punch into my expected income even if I receive a mere 5% growth.

This year is going to be a very big year of growth, transition and change. I’m going to be doing my best to keep up and I’m going to try really hard to also continue to document my account happenings as I have me toned above that I have gotten really bad about it. I need to also start documenting and sharing purchases I make or any changes that happen with my account.

Well there it is. I have set some very lofty goals for myself, and the website that I feel are really going to challenge me to grow and achieve success. Even if I fall short of my goals, the important fact is that I’m setting goals for myself and reaching for success and growth. I can’t wait to continue this journey and as time goes by I just get more excited to watch this snowball roll.