April 2019 Independence Fund


Spring time is coming to a close as the warmer weather is ushered in by summer time. The grass and trees are becoming green once more and so is my portfolio! It has been an absolutely remarkable year so far and the markets have been on fire. I’m enjoying the gains I have been receiving on my investments as well as the healthy flow of dividends my positions have been bringing in every month. It obviously isn’t as much as I was making when my portfolio was in the $200,000 mark but I’d say paying off my home was an amazing move and investment for my money. I’ve been able to save a lot of extra money every month by not paying my mortgage payment and I’ve been able to put the extra capital I’m saving on interest right back into my fund. You can read more about why I decided to pay of my home here.

I had another stellar month in terms of dividends received and it feels good see the income roll in. Obviously it doesn’t compare to when I was bringing in a cool $1,000 in dividends per month but I have zero regrets. I can confidently Invest in the stock market and have zero fear or worries thinking things such as “ I should have paid off my house” I’m actually very happy the market is in a decline the day of writing this article since I’ll be able to pick up companies at a much cheaper rate and more importantly, at a higher yield.

Here is the list of Dividends brought in throughout the month of April.

  1. PPL 12.38

  2. LADR 25.16

  3. RPT 18.70

  4. IRM 17.72

  5. WHF 26.98

  6. ITW 7

  7. PM 19.38

  8. MAIN 6.60

  9. WPC 22.70

  10. VET 3.91

  11. CAH 7.14

  12. KIM 24.08

  13. APLE 6.80

  14. BRX 15.68

  15. GEO 24.48

  16. CIO 20.92

  17. CLDT 1.87

  18. NRZ 38

  19. BNS 9.69

  20. CM 8.85

  21. MO 30.40

This list represents a Grand total of $364.12. This income is nothing to sneeze at as it essentially offsets my grocery money we spend per month. My fund will continue to slowly rise and bring me closer and closer towards financial Independence! This was also a nice increase over April of last year. I brought in $307.84. I can’t wait to see what next year holds

My wife and I are currently working on creating a new business which I haven’t mentioned anything about. The business we are looking at starting is very lucrative and has the potential to make us a lot of money if done properly with very little downside risk. I’m expecting my monthly capital to continue to carry on as it has been and I should be able to invest a lot of extra capital over the next few months. I don’t anticipate that I’'ll be diverting capital to fund my business operations until winter a next year. I’m very curious on how this will affect my month to month income and expenses as I will have to take out a loan to fund the expansion of my business. If everything goes according to my plan I believe we could start bringing in money from the business as soon as the spring. Depending on how busy we become I anticipate to bring in anywhere from an extra $60,000 per year to as high as $400,000. I know this is a big range but it’s all contingent upon how many clients we will be able to book over an 8 month time. More info on this to come later on.

I also had another great month in terms of portfolio growth and my portfolio value increased by $5,080 or 9.24% This is an amazing number to increase my portfolio by and If I can continue to post increases in this range I’ll be back in the $100,000 mark in no time. I’ve been very impressed at the rate which I have been able to grow my portfolio by as well. I’m committed to the cause and I’ve been funneling every single extra dollar I can into it in order to hit my goals.

I do’t have to much extra time in my life currently so I’ve been trying to write as much as I can during my lunch breaks at work so that’s why I’ve been so terrible about updating my page. I feel really bad about it but being a father to a 2 month old and working 50 hours a week really limits my time.