Taking The First Steps Into Investing

Every Trader needs to start somewhere. It's very hard for a new trader to figure out what platforms to use, especially with the overwhelming amounts of information one can find on the internet. It's a big step to take the time to learn and grow, but it is vital to your future success! Below I have compiled a list of some of my favorite websites to use. 


I have been using Fidelity.com since the very beggining of my trading days. I absolutely love the layout of the website and the extremely user friendly interfaces. The fees are pretty reasonable per trade at $7.95. Although it is not the cheapest in the industry, it is fairly reasonable. To keep trading fees at a reasonable percentage, I like to trade in Increments of $500-$1,000.

Research And Due Diligence

One of the most important aspects of investing is doing your homework. I can't stress the importance of doing your own research before you invest your money anywhere. After all you, worked hard for it. With that Aspect in mind, I really enjoy using Morningstar for all the financial information they provide on companies. They have a very easy to navigate layout and very intuitive setup. This website has financial data about companies down to the compensation that its CEOs make.

Another great website I like using for pure Dividend information is Dividend.com  This website has anything and everything about current dividend payouts, frecuecny, ratios and so forth. I recommend looking up any company you are interested in investing in on this website before you decide to make a move.

For those who know nothing about stocks, Investopedia is an amazing resource to learn the terms of the trade. The wealth of information on this website (Pun intended) is truly outstanding. I find myself using this site often when their is something I don't understand.


My parents for teaching me everything about being frugal with my money and living within my means.

also, this guy named Jason Fieber who started this website called  Dividendmantra who has inspired me to take this step in my life towards financial freedom.

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